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Who am I?

Hi I'm Kara - one half of the Stackwood Studios team. You may have seen my husband around Northville High if you go there - he has worked and coached there for a while now. We both went to Northville a few cough years ago, and had very different senior picture experiences...... He went to the big box studio and stood by a fake pillar with his fake smile, and got 6 photos to choose from. I had a family friend who was a photographer fly in from California to take my photos throughout a whole day in 12 different outfits and 2 hairstyles, with my car, and my bedroom, and my house. It was crazy. So we know there are many ways to approach a senior session and thankfully have found a middle ground.

I went to college at Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, CA and got my degree in 2006. I worked out there as a photo retoucher for a few years before deciding to head home and open up my own photo business. In 2012, after a few years of shooting only weddings, we decided to move back to Northville and open up a studio. We finally got a window on main street a few years ago, so hopefully you've been enjoying the giant TV screen with our photos!

I am a super easy going, go with the flow kind of person, so I think you'll find it fun and easy to work with me. I am a mom to the sweetest, smartest, cutest baby girls- we just had a new baby this summer, and have a toddler as well, so our hands and hearts are full! Traveling is my favorite thing to do, and when I'm not doing that we are all curled up on the couch with our standard poodle, Kota.

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The Process

Your senior photo shoot only happens once, so I want to make sure you get amazing photos and have a blast! Before your shoot we will talk about your style and what kinds of locations you like to tailor the images to fit your personality. I want to hear about what is important to you so we make sure the images reflect who you are.

You will choose which session will work best for you from the session options and together we will choose locations - I can even help you choose outfits if you want. We will wander around our locations finding the best light and backgrounds, and talking along the way so I can get to know you even better. It's important capture everything from the laughing and seriousness, to the in-between, creating wonderful frozen moments that last forever.

1-2 weeks after your shoot you will either receive a link to your gallery of final images (simple session), or you will return to the studio and help me choose your favorite images (unlimited or destination sessions). From these chosen images you will choose your package or prints that you want and I can help you decide what works best for you.

Frequently Asked Questions
What time will my session be?
Sessions will typically start around 4:00 for an unlimited session & 4:00 or 5:30 for a simple session. Starting in October sessions will need to start a little earlier as the sun starts setting earlier, and in November even earlier after the time change. In August we can also do morning sessions if you prefer.
Where will my session be?
If you have somewhere specific you want to shoot please let me know, new places are great! If not I have a lot of locations around Northville that I like to shoot. We can decide what is best based on your style and preferences.
How do I book my session with you?
If you are ready to book, fill out the booking request form and I will send you some available days and times to shoot. If you still need more pricing information just fill out the contact form or give me a call and I will send you or go over detailed pricing info.
Do I have to order a package or is there a minimum order?
We do have some package options, but you can order a la carte if it makes more sense. There is no minimum order, you can get exactly what you need!
When do I see my photos?
Within a couple days of your session I will post some sneak peeks on instagram so make sure to follow us (@stackwoodstudios) 1-2 weeks after your session I will post your images in our online proofing gallery for you to view.
Will you retouch the prints and products that I order?
Yes! Typical retouching includes facial blemish removal, under eye circle softening, fly away hair removal, and removal of anything distracting in the background. If there is anything else you would want done to a photo please let me know!
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If you would like more information about the sessions and pricing, fill out the form below and we will send you a link full of detailed information. If you do not hear from us within 24 hours, please check your Junk Mail folder or call.

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Booking Request

If you are ready to book a session, fill out this form and we will get back to you with available dates and times that fit the session you are interested in. If you do not hear from us within 24 hours, please check your Junk Mail folder or call.

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