Zak & Emma {GPYC Wedding}

As many times as I have shot at Grosse Pointe Yacht Club this was my first time shooting a ceremony inside the club.  The room they have for it is just beautiful, there are so many different options for set up there.  The light was so beautiful and the sunset…. I have no words, it speaks for itself!  Emma & Zak were a blast to shoot, especially on the dance floor when Zak pulled out some sweet moves.150806_zakemma_005 150806_zakemma_039 150806_zakemma_047 150806_zakemma_062 150806_zakemma_090bw 150806_zakemma_163 150806_zakemma_166 150806_zakemma_174 150806_zakemma_185 150806_zakemma_246 150806_zakemma_249 150806_zakemma_260 150806_zakemma_227 150806_zakemma_313 150806_zakemma_333 150806_zakemma_338 150806_zakemma_136 150806_zakemma_147 150806_zakemma_364 150806_zakemma_366bw 150806_zakemma_374 150806_zakemma_448bw

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