Jaccob & Michelle {Backyard Wedding}

If I had a backyard like Michelle’s I would get married there too!  It was like being up north at a private retreat, but it was their everyday home.  I loved all the little details she had and the pink dresses really stood out among all the blue.  We had a lot of time for photos and we took full advantage.  I love the way they all turned out.150919_jaccobmichelle_010bw 150919_jaccobmichelle_105150919_jaccobmichelle_058 150919_jaccobmichelle_033 150919_jaccobmichelle_018 150919_jaccobmichelle_106 150919_jaccobmichelle_139 150919_jaccobmichelle_156 150919_jaccobmichelle_176 150919_jaccobmichelle_186 150919_jaccobmichelle_248 150919_jaccobmichelle_265 150919_jaccobmichelle_278 150919_jaccobmichelle_301 150919_jaccobmichelle_291 150919_jaccobmichelle_297bw 150919_jaccobmichelle_305 150919_jaccobmichelle_421 150919_jaccobmichelle_322

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