Elliot & Killeen & Lilly {Grosse Pointe Engagement Session}

So we are all aware how I feel about dogs, and I think its pretty obvious with how many of these photos include Elliot & Killeen’s furry baby Lilly.  But in my defense, they are as crazy of dog parents as I am.  They make the cutest little family don’t they?  Wait til you see the wedding photos 🙂150712_elliotkilleen_004 150712_elliotkilleen_018 150712_elliotkilleen_020 150712_elliotkilleen_023 150712_elliotkilleen_025 150712_elliotkilleen_036 150712_elliotkilleen_037 150712_elliotkilleen_040 150712_elliotkilleen_045 150712_elliotkilleen_048 150712_elliotkilleen_052 150712_elliotkilleen_056 150712_elliotkilleen_058bw

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