Drew & Jackie’s Fall Wedding {Snow Moon Ranch – Maple City, Michgan}

Drew & Jackie were married at my favorite place in the state to shoot weddings – Snow Moon Ranch in Maple City (by Traverse City).  You can’t beat the view, the grounds are beautiful, and you get to hang out with Llama’s!  Here’s way too many pictures from their wedding to show you everything that is there.120929_drewjackie_080 120929_drewjackie_039 120929_drewjackie_054bw 120929_drewjackie_019 120929_drewjackie_068 120929_drewjackie_115 120929_drewjackie_118 120929_drewjackie_154 120929_drewjackie_171bw 120929_drewjackie_209 120929_drewjackie_219 120929_drewjackie_233 120929_drewjackie_252 120929_drewjackie_256bw 120929_drewjackie_291 120929_drewjackie_300 120929_drewjackie_306 120929_drewjackie_409 120929_drewjackie_407 120929_drewjackie_449 120929_drewjackie_589

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