We are Kara & Darrell. Our story is kind of long, but here's the short version....We went to elementry school, middle school, and high school together, but didn't start dating until after college when Kara moved back to Michigan from Califorinia after she graduated from Brooks Institute of Photography. Darrell was working in Michigan and we ended up leading Young Life together in our hometown which brought us together. When we started dating, Darrell was very interested in learning photography, so Kara taught him how to use a camera, and 2 weeks later he was shooting a wedding with her. 8 years later, we are still shooting together whenever we can!

As Individuals:

Kara is an animal lover and gives all her attention to our two standard poodles:) If you have a pet, pretty please bring it to your session!!

Darrell is a sports lover and coaches football at Northville High School!

We are photographers, but we don't love being on the other side of the camera....so this is our favorite photo of ourselves (there aren't too many options) From a photobooth at Darrell's sisters wedding. Pretty silly, I know, someday we will have real photos :) It's extra funny because we are so not serious people!

Updated photo of us coming soon :)